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74,9 km - Altitude gain 350mt

Stage 08

Gualdo Tadino -


Saturday 13  May 2023 74,9km Altitude gain 350mt
Stage suitable for: Beginners

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Gualdo Tadino ha origini antichissime legate al popolo degli Antichi Umbri. In età romana Tadinum sorse lungo la via Flaminia. Nel 552 fu teatro della battaglia di Tagina. L’attuale città venne fortificata nel 1242 dall’Imperatore Federico II di Svevia. Nel 1833, Papa Gregorio XVI gli concesse il titolo di Città.

Gualdo Tadino è il primo comune dell’Umbria ad aderire alla Rete dei Comuni Sostenibili e, per primo, a farsi monitorare attraverso un report: un impegno reale per l’attuazione a livello locale dei principi e degli obiettivi dell’Agenda 2030.


Excellent specialties related to pork butchery, extra-virgin olive oil of the Cultivar of Rigali and typical local products, such as truffles, mushrooms, wild asparagus and chestnuts. It deserves to be tasted the crescia with the famous barbozza.


Gualdo Tadino is known for the conspicuous presence of springs of oligo-mineral water famous all over the world. It is from this renowned water that in Gualdo Tadino are produced special craft beers that are sold and appreciated in Italy and all over the world.



Fossombrone is a beautiful city rich in art, culture and history. It is situated in the middle valley of the river “Metauro”, on the ancient Roman route called “via Flaminia” halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. Located on the flat stretch among the “Cesane” mountains, the steep slope of the “Colle dei Cappuccini” and the splendid Gorge of “Furlo”, the city appears like a narrow network of buildings from which the bell towers of the churches and the facades of the noble buildings rise. The important historical events, the richness of art and culture places, the charm of natural environments make FOSSOMBRONE a destination of great interest. A place to discover little by little, to find along the streets or inside the churches and palaces, next to the testimonies of the past or in the heart of a wood, emotions out of the ordinary.



In May, you can relive the Renaissance period by celebrating the Trionfo del Carnevale Storico (“Triumph of the Historic Carnival”). The historical centre of Fossombrone livens up thanks to the walk-on actors in Renaissance clothing. Competitions among the contrade (“districts”) follow one after another during the days of the event to win the Palio del Cardinale (“Cardinal’s Prize”). In the streets of the historical centre you can enjoy your dinner in taverns with typical Renaissance style menus. An experience not to be missed!


The Truffle Festival in Fossombrone has been celebrating the Bianchetto (“white”) truffle for over 35 years, a DOP product of the Marche Region. In March the Tuber Albidum Pico is the star of the menu; it comes from a land rich in nature, gastronomic specialities and an outstanding artistic and cultural heritage. The Festival gives you the chance to taste the Bianchetto truffle in the numerous stands along the historic Corso Garibaldi and in the restaurants of the town.

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