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42,5 km - Altitude gain 400mt

Stage 05

Eboli -


Wednesday 10  May 2023 42,5km Altitude gain 400mt
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Touristic Information

The territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the discovery of a Neolithic mummy in the Corno d’Oro area. With the arrival of the Romans, Eburum became an important and flourishing craft and commercial centre. It owes much of its contemporary fame thanks to the book by Carlo Levi, “Christ Stopped at Eboli”, but Eboli is also mentioned by Virgil in his Aeneid.


Among the oldest traditional dishes of Ebolitan cuisine: ‘O Ciauliello, Pizzelle ‘e sciurilli, a Cubaita, almond and ricotta tart.


There are several wineries operating in the area, including Cantine Iorio and the Rossella Cicalese farm.



Salerno is a wonderful seaside city overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has almost three thousand years of history and is at the centre of a paradise of tourist attractions known all over the world: the divine Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri, the Cilento and Alburni, the archaeological sites of Paestum and Pompeii, the villages of green Irpinia, the vineyards of Sannio, and the splendour of the Royal Palace of Caserta. Salerno, famous for its Medical School and more recently for its magnificent Luci d’Artista works of luminous art en plein air, is the ideal destination for those who want to experience a high quality travel and stay among art and culture, flavours and shopping, nature and events.


A visit to Salerno amid ancient monuments and sun-drenched beaches, cultural and entertainment events, enchanting panoramas and charming streets becomes even more tasty with the rainbow of local food and wine proposals inspired by a tantalizing fusion of land and sea. Restaurants, trattorias, kiosks offer an uninterrupted symphony of flavours all to be savoured. The ‘cuoppo’ is the favourite street food of visitors; a cartoccio full of breaded fried food: fish and vegetables galore. Don’t miss a taste of spaghetti “al dente” (cooked just right) with seafood, a sandwich with stuffed spleen typical of the patron saint’s day, a bunch of sanginella grapes from the Giovi hills, and aubergine parmigiana. There is never a shortage of freshly fried anchovies from the Gulf of Salerno, delicious buffalo mozzarella from the Piana del Sele, while the red of the San Marzano tomato brightens up first courses, summer salads or His Majesty the pizza. Sfogliatelle Santa Rosa, lemon delicacies, a typical strawberry cake, a slice of tasty annurca apple, calzoni with chestnuts, traditional nougat and sweets with Giffoni round hazelnuts, ice cream and lemon amalfitano “sfusato” slushies are the irresistible temptations for dessert. And to toast, there is no shortage of wines from the hills surrounding the city in an breathtaking embrace.

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