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37,2 km - Altitude gain 650mt

Stage 09

Casella -


Thursday 19  May 2022 37,2km Altitude gain 650mt
Stage suitable for: Beginners

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The origin and development of Casella are linked to the geographical features of the site. Lying in the heart of the Ligurian Apennines, the town was founded in the plain formed by river Scrivia that widened its river bed here and created a vast basin.


Touristic Information

Genoa, a city in Northern Italy and the capital of Liguria, is a unique jewel set between sea and mountains.

The city, well connected to Milan and very close to the Alps, is one of the main ports on the Mediterranean and hides an heritage of beauty to be explored.

The mild climate is perfect for a holiday or a city break to be experienced all year long, among ancient seaside villages, parks, historic buildings of UNESCO heritage, historic shops that preserve the knowledge and the flavours of the past: an authentic cuisine rich of tradition and trekking paths that lead to the discovery of the Genoese fortifications, surrounded by greenery but always with an amazing view over the sea!

Genoa is one of those cities that you don’t expect, that makes those who choose to discover it fall in love and that remains in your heart.


Genoa is a city worth tasting. Its culinary tradition has ancient roots and reveals the character of the territory and the cleverness of its people who have been able to invent genuine, tasty and attractive cuisine, using simple ingredients.

Walking through the historic centre it’s impossible to resist the temptation of a piece of Genoese focaccia, a real delight for the palate, ideal for a snack at any time of the day!

At lunchtime nothing like stopping in one of the ancient sciamadde (the term comes from “flame” and identifies the ancient street chip shop with wood oven), where you can taste delicious specialties such as farinata, made with chickpea flour and baked in a wood oven, stuffed anchovies, frisceu (tasty salty fritters made with batter) and numerous vegetable pies.

At dinner time, there are many restaurants where you can spend the evening and enjoy the specialties of Genoese cuisine, first of all the pesto, the undisputed king of local food, which here has a unique flavour, also thanks to the Genoese D.O.P. (denomination of controlled origin) basil.
And if after tasting it, you will not be able to do without it, there are many opportunities to attend courses and cooking lessons to learn all the secrets to prepare a pesto like a real Genoese!

Typical Genoese cuisine is also rich in fish dishes, such as cappon magro, a scenic and appetizing fish salad; the stockfish is excellent both “accomodato” (stewed with potatoes, olives and pine nuts) and like a salad, called brandacujun. And then the anchovies, prepared in a thousand different ways!
To end on a sweet note, not to be missed the pànera, a typical coffe-flavored parfait and the Genoese pandolce, a typical Christmas dessert that can be found in the pastry shops all year round!


Liguria is a strip of land between the sea and the mountains, with terraces overlooking the sea, perched on the slopes: wine-growing in this area deserves the nickname of “heroic” for the passion and tenacity that requires. Wines are the expression of the area. The most representative wines, Vermentino and Pigato, cannot be missed on the table.

The first one has an intense colour and a delicately soft aroma, an excellent matching with vegetable and fish. Pigato, that blends with first courses, is more strong flavour and fruity. Vermentino is produced throughout Liguria with different emphasys and nuances due to the different soil, while Pigato is mainly produced in the Riviera di Ponente, in Finale, Albenga and in Riviera dei Fiori. For a few years, some winery companies have restart to produce white wines also in the Genoese valleys.

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