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65,9 km - Altitude gain 50mt

Stage 17

Monastier di Treviso -


Wednesday 24  May 2023 65,9km Altitude gain 50mt
Stage suitable for: Beginners

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The first settlements were the Pirense Port and the Abbey dedicated to Santa Maria del Pero. The Benedictine monks built the abbey on the site that had been assigned to them by the German emperor Otto I in the year 958 AD. During the First World I Monastier was dramatically affected by the war events, in particular the battle of the solstice in June 1918.

Walking, running, cycling are activities that can be carried out through interconnected cycle paths such as the ancient Monaco-Venice route, which was part of the Via Claudia Augusta, the Girasile and Greenway routes, the Great War itinerary that include Hemingway’s places, the Piave Wine Route.
Thus the city offers a unique mix of routes, places and historical monuments.


To delight the palate, Monastier boasts the presence of numerous restaurants
and trattorias offering a wide range of typical local products: such as the white
and green asparagus as well as Treviso radicchio, the soppressa Veneta and the casatella Trevigiana dop.


There are several wine cellars where the local wines, from Prosecco and Pinot
Grigio to the delicious red wines of the Piave can be tasted; Raboso, Merlot,



Overlooking the Upper Adriatic, a stone’s throw from the city of Venice, Caorle is characterized by wide beaches with golden fine sand and surrounded by areas rich in history, culture and nature.

In addition to the beaches of Levante e Ponente, Porto S. Margherita, Lido Altanea e Duna Verde and the unspoilt natural environment of the lagoon of Caorle, this picturesque fishing village boasts a historical centre characterized by campi, calli, coloured houses and streets which once were crossed by canals, now filled in. This is why Caorle is known as “little Venice”.

The local seafaring tradition can be tasted thanks to the countless typical dishes available. In fact, fishing continues to be practiced and ensures fresh seafood every day.

Ideal for spending the holidays, Caorle offers the opportunity to relax by the sea or in the middle of nature and to live experiences suitable for every need.


An indissoluble link exists between cuisine and territory and the food and wine experience is an important key to understanding a place and its identity. The historical seafaring village of Caorle boasts the title of Gourmet Destination of the Upper Adriatic, as its cuisine is its best calling card as well as an interesting travel motivation for foodies and beyond.

Although Caorle cuisine is characterized by a strong maritime identity, among the specialties it offers, there is no shortage of recipes from the land inspired by peasant tradition.  Typical dishes and products become the protagonists of true sensory experiences and an excellent reason to organize a holiday or a trip out of town.

The very fresh catch is the flagship of the local cuisine which can count on three highly appreciated local fish products: the Moscardino, a small octopus that loves sandy seabeds, perfect as a low-calorie appetizer and excellent natural anti-wrinkle thanks to the high percentage of collagen which contains; the white Canestrello, a mollusc with a delicate flavour often prepared on the grill; the organic sea clams  (the only ones to have this certification all over  Italy) bred and collected in a farm opposite the Vallevecchia coastline, a protected naturalistic area and Site of Community Interest.

They are the protagonists of the historical Municipal Fish Market: here, in the area adjacent to the fishing port, the  traditional  ‘ear’ auction takes place (an age-old system of selling fish, which is assigned to those who whispers to the auctioneer the highest bid).

In the fishing port of Caorle it is fascinating to discover the trade of the fishermen who, after having sold their catch, can be seen busy arranging the boats and fishing nets, ready to face a new day’s work from the following night.

And if the sea is synonymous with history and quality, the hinterland also suggests flavours that deserve to be tasted, such as superfine Carnaroli rice, sandbank honey, Montasio DOP cheese, craft beer or local wines. Whoever comes to Caorle can find in the menu a rich basket of products  to be tried in the characteristic restaurants of the village: not to be missed are the classic spaghetti with clams, baby octopus stewed with polenta, risotto with white canestrelli, sardines in Saor, bigoli in sauce or grilled fish.  Such dishes will conquer even the most difficult palates.

You just have to come and get to know the local tastes and skills, to discover zero-km products, typical specialties, restaurants and a wide variety of food and wine events organized in the locality.

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