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58.5 km - Altitude gain 300mt

Casalbordino - Francavilla al Mare

Casalbordino -

Francavilla al Mare

Wednesday 15  May 2024 58.5km Altitude gain 300mt
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Casalbordino is an Italian municipality in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo located at 200 meters above sea level.

Casalbordino is an Italian municipality in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo located at 200 meters above sea level.
Its territory extends from the sea to the hills, this position offers a particular view towards the mountains, the Majella and the Gran Sasso, and towards the sea, the Adriatic. Casalbordino since 2023, having at heart the well-being and health of the citizens, with its green spaces and certified, well-kept and redeveloped paths, it has earned the Blue Flag.
It has a long beach made up of dunes and a crystal clear sea, in the months between April and May it is possible to admire exceptional flowering along the sheep track that runs alongside the dunes, while the surrounding hills are perfect for panoramic excursions among the vineyards and olive groves.
The historic center allows a walk among the various artistic, cultural and religious monuments.
Casalbordino with its sea, its historic center and culinary delights is the perfect destination for those seeking a combination of history, culture, nature and gastronomy.


When we talk about Casale cuisine we cannot help but start with fresh pasta and in particular the very famous “n’droccioloni”. It is long egg pasta, with a square section made with the guitar, an ancient tool used by Abruzzo housewives.
Bocconotto and Taraluccio with cooked must are also typical of Casalbordino.
Worth trying are the “sfujate” pizza, a flaky pizza with peppers and anchovies, and the “scime” pizza, a poor but substantial dough, typical of the peasant tradition.
To accompany these dishes, visitors have the opportunity to taste the excellent wines of the “Madonna dei Miracoli” winery and the various private cellars scattered throughout the area.

Points of interest

Visitors will be captivated by its history. Like many other cities on the Adriatic coast, Casalbordino also has a historic center that stands on a hill about 6km from the coast.
From the avenue that connects the Basilica Santuario Madonna dei Miracoli it is possible to admire the over one hundred year old civic tower, which with its 45 meters height stands in the town centre.
Adjacent to the civic tower worth visiting is the eighteenth-century interior of the mother church of the Santissimo Salvatore.
The historic center of medieval structure, or the “castrum”, welcomes the beauties of Palazzo Furii, the 13th century tower, and its characteristic alleys.

Francavilla al Mare


Francavilla al Mare is a tourist resort located along the beautiful Adriatic coast of Abruzzo. Boasting a rich and fascinating history, this coastal town offers visitors a journey through time, immersed in an atmosphere that combines historical charm with natural beauty.

Francavilla al Mare is “Blue Flag 2023” and, with its long, golden sandy beach stretching along the Adriatic coast, this town is not short of breathtaking scenery. The crystal clear sea offers opportunities for relaxation and fun, while the surrounding hills are perfect for scenic excursions.

Francavilla al Mare is the ideal destination for those seeking a combination of history, culture, nature and culinary delights. With its timeless charm and the warm welcome of its inhabitants, this coastal town enchants visitors from all over the world.

Local cuisine

Local Cusine lovers will have the opportunity to savour the delicious local dishes, which are renowned for some of the typical products they are cooked with, such as Abruzzo pear tomatoes and strawberries. Furthermore, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the region’s fine wines, steeped in a wine tradition rooted in Abruzzo’s fertile soil.

Points of interest

Visitors to Francavilla al Mare will be fascinated by its thousand-year history. Several historical buildings are located throughout the municipal area. Among the most significant ones:

  • The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (San Franco): this church was originally erected in the 15th century but completely rebuilt in 1948 after being destroyed during World War II. Designed by Ludovico Quaroni, it is built on a wide stone base on which rises the single nave in the shape of an irregular octagon, with a flattened vaulted dome.
  • The Michetti Convent: the convent of the Friars Minor Observant, dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua is one of the symbols of the city.
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