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Merry Christmas-E


Dear Santa of cyclists,
no snow on the plains this year, and your tires won’t risk skidding, so tonight you’ll be putting in the usual millions of miles to keep us all happy, each in our own way.
Some asked you to bring them the shape of yesteryear, others the new Dura Ace groupset, others a full carbon frame that is an ounce lighter so they can break away from their friends on imaginary climbs; some asked for an e-bike, others to finally be able to participate in the Giro-E, which in 2022 could see the largest number of teams ever lined up. There are those who hope for a new Pantani, those who hope for an heir to Nibali, those who can’t wait for the Giro to start because the summer begins with the Giro. There are those who dream of a Bianchi Aria and those who dream of a cromovelata to ride the Eroica, those who dream of an e-gravel bike and those who fancy the latest generation of moped to pedal even when the storm is raging outside.

Among a thousand requests, there is one thing you should really bring us, dear Santa: some health for this crazy world. Invent such a powerful bora wind that wipes the Covid away forever, that takes it to a point in the universe so far away that it can become a memory, if you like, neither ugly nor beautiful, but something that is no longer there.
And after this gift you’ll rest forever and we’ll make you honorary president of the Giro-E and give you a pass to enter not only our hospitality area, but all the hospitality areas of the Giro, which are as many as the stages of this pink and endless race that we love so much. And you can bring with you whoever you want.

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