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Giro-E Enel 2024 – Stage 3 Cherasco – Fossano


Fossano, 6 May 2024 – Third Piedmont stage of the Giro-E Enel 2024, and neither one, in the sense of the region, ceases to amaze. We are in the Langa and the musical background is any one of the masterpieces by Paolo Conte, and not necessarily the famous Bartali.

Beautiful Cherasco, the starting city of the Giro-E and crossed by the professional cyclists at the end of their very long stage of 166 kilometres. Here, for example, you can visit the museum of magic, the most important Italian museum dedicated to magic and illusion. The history, instruments and protagonists of this fascinating form of entertainment, founded by Don Silvio Mantelli, stage name Mago Sales, a Salesian priest and conjurer. Also worth seeing is the Adriani Civic Museum which boasts a valuable numismatic collection, the Church of the Madonna del Popolo with its terracotta façade and Palazzo Salmatoris, the town’s most historically prestigious building, where the Turin Shroud was placed and where Napoleon Bonaparte imposed the armistice of 1796 on the Piedmontese people. Pleasures also come from the table, with the Bacio di Cherasco, the chocolate protagonist of the centuries-old confectionery art of Cherasco, which can be found in the chocolatiers of the historic centre. Being a Barolo municipality, this wine has been made in the town since 1880 and can still be enjoyed.

The Cherasco-Fossano stage

Already the starting point of two stages of the Giro d’Italia, in 2012 and 2013, Cherasco kicked off a very beautiful stage from a scenic point of view but not very demanding, given its length of 64 kilometres and 750-metre altitude range. No memorable climbs, but lots of countryside and many vineyards. History repeats itself in Fossano, the site of today’s stage finish, which hosted a finish line and two starts of the Giro, the last in 2014 and won on May 23 by Marco Canola, the current captain of Team Virgin Active.

Cyclist of the day – Omar Di Felice

Omar Di Felice returns to the Giro-E after two stages last year, and if there is one thing that doesn’t scare the ultracyclist of Team Continental, it’s the distance.“Yesterday I was involved in an ultracycling race, which I won, but it was a sprint, only 300 kilometres, which is the shortest distance of our speciality. I’m happy to be at the Giro-E because I’ve always thought that the pedal-assisted bicycle offers the opportunity to put as many people as possible in the saddle. Every e-bike on the road is one car less: it makes a fundamental contribution to mobility that respects the environment but also the human being, because cities with fewer cars are safer cities.”

How can we convince people to use bikes in the city? “Try it, and never go back. The point is to overcome initial laziness. We are convinced that the comforts we have are advantages, whereas it would be enough to take the same route in the city to discover that it takes us much less time than by car and keeps us fit”.

However, safety in the city is an issue that still needs to be resolved… “Safety is lacking because people go by car. If people in the city stopped driving and started using bicycles, safety would come by itself.”

City of Sport and Health, an opportunity for young people: the second stage of the ANCI workshops at the Giro d’Italia in Valdengo.

Strengthened by unanimous positive feedback, the workshops organised by ANCI at the start of the Giro-E continue.

Sport, young people and inclusion will be the themes of another important event, Saturday 11 May at 12.30 pm, in L’Aquila, Italian Capital of Culture 2026, at the Villa Comunale, in the hospitality area of the Giro-E Green Fun Village, with participation of the Mayor of L’Aquila Pierluigi Biondi and of local administrators and personalities.

In the meantime, a new “stage” of the route, scheduled in Savona on Tuesday 7 May at 12.05, again in the hospitality area of the Giro-E, is the opportunity for a discussion on the opportunities for hiring and growth of young people linked to the strategies venues to enhance the cultural and environmental resources of the area, together with sports and major events as a driving force for development.

From Savona’s candidacy as Capital of Culture 2027, to the use of the Bergeggi Island Marine Protected Area, between protection, research and sporting events, with a series of important testimonies that also touch on other themes: the cooperative model as a driving force for cultural and territorial valorisation, the search for a sustainable balance between the outdoors, nature and community, and digital ecosystems for the community and the environment, from the perspective of the future, union, territory, uniqueness, regeneration and environment.

These appointments take place as part of the broader support and financing program for Italian municipalities under the National Youth Policy Fund, created through agreements with the Italian Department for youth policies and universal civil service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

ANCI also kicks off the Giro-E stage in Valdengo with its own cycling team, led by skier Giorgio Rocca and made up, like every day, of local administrators and ambassadors of the area.

For info and registration click here: link

See you tomorrow for stage 4, Savona – Andora.


One of the great innovations of the Giro-E Enel 2024 is that from this year it is possible to purchase tickets for participation in one or more stages of the event.5 places are available per stage: you will cycle with the RCS Sports & Events team. The minimum age is 17 years and a medical certificate is required for non-competitive sports.

Here is the link: Ticketone Giro-E Enel 2024

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