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Giro-E Enel 2024 – Stage 1 Turin


See you tomorrow for stage 2, Valdengo – Sanctuary of Oropa (Biella).

Turin, 4 May 2024– Welcome to the Giro-E Enel 2024, the sixth edition of the only Grand Tour in the world with e-bikes, taking place on the days and on the roads of the Giro d’Italia.

A 100% Turinese ‘Grande Partenza’. Actually, Piedmontese. Three stages all in a Giro-friendly region, which has hosted the Grande Partenza three times already: in 1961, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Unification of Italy, the start was in Turin with a stage called “Trittico Tricolore” which included 3 circuits (White, Red and Green); in 2011, for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the departure was with the Venaria Reale-Turin; in 2021, an individual time trial in Turin, won by Filippo Ganna.

In today’s stage the electric cyclists didn’t have to put in as much effort as Top Ganna when in the time trials he egged himself on his (muscle) bike and raced at 60 kph towards the finish line. The first of the Giro-E 2024 was the right stage for a muscular-cycling reawakening in anticipation of future challenges.



The Turin-Turin stage

140 kilometres for the professionals, who started from Venaria Reale, 30 (and a half) for the Giro-E cyclists, who joined the Giro route in the final kilometres. In time to climb Colle Maddalena (7 kilometres at 6.8%, with points of 11%) and to contend with the San Vito climb, a hill of not even one and a half kilometres long but at an average of 9.8%, with a peak of 16%. A small effort, mostly for the motors, so no fear for the participants, who after San Vito enjoyed the descent into Turin up to the finish line in Corso Moncalieri, for a total of 650 metres of altitude range. All in preparation for tomorrow’s stage, which is serious stuff: we start in Valdengo and go up to the Oropa Sanctuary, with a good 1,700 metres of elevation and 67 kilometres distance.

Today, it was just a pity that the e-roads of the Giro-E missed the climb to Superga, on the 75th anniversary of the Superga tragedy that made the Grande Torino immortal: a touching, important moment. But in spirit the Giro-E was alongside its pro “colleagues” in this heartfelt tribute.

Il personaggio del giorno – Arianna Valcepina

Cyclist of the day – Arianna Valcepina

Olympic silver in Beijing 2022 (2,000 metre mixed relay), 3 world bronzes, one gold, one silver and five European bronzes, as well as around twenty Italian titles in her career. Arianna Valcepina, skater from Sondalo, Alta Val Tellina, is a giant of short track speed racing. Today, she was the captain of the Fiamme Gialle team at the Giro-E.

“I use the bike mainly as a means of training during summer preparation, because my sport is short track. Unfortunately I don’t go as much as I would like. I generally use a racing bike, not a mountain bike, because I’m a bit afraid of descents. I don’t know why. One year I fell during a descent and since then I prefer the climb. In our sport we don’t reach such high speeds as in cycling, and a possible fall is less traumatic because of the padding at the sides of the track”.

What does it take to be a champion in your sport? “The desire to win, above all, let’s say the competitiveness, and the commitment to training. Then there’s technique, tactics and the ability to manage the race…”

Best and most difficult moment of your career? “The best thing was obviously getting on the podium at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games with my sister. The worst isn’t a specific moment, it’s different moments of difficulty that I’ve encountered throughout my career.”

How does a high-level athlete like you overcome times of crisis? “With your head, by setting short-term goals and working your way up to long-term goals.”

Is a champion more heart or more head? “Both”.

Do you follow the Giro d’Italia? “It’s very beautiful, exciting. The thing I like most is the sprint.”

Because it reminds you of the sprints you do on the short track? “Yes, but our races require a maximum effort of two and a half minutes; cyclists race for hours. Let’s say that short track is all sprint, from the beginning to the end of the race.”

City of Sport and Health, an opportunity for young people: the second stage of the ANCI workshops at the Giro d’Italia in Valdengo.

After starting with a full house on the first day in Turin, with the first local meeting of the ANCI NextGen Community, the series of workshops, organised by ANCI, continues on Sunday 5 May in Valdengo, with the aim of improving the level of engagement of young people in the valorisation of cultural, naturalistic, food and wine resources and excellences of the area as drivers of sustainable local development.

These appointments take place as part of the broader support and financing program for Italian municipalities under the National Youth Policy Fund, created through agreements with the Italian Department for youth policies and universal civil service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

In Valdengo, the appointment is at 12.40 pm in the hospitality area of the Giro-E Green Fun Village, with a workshop entitled “When public-private collaboration becomes an implementation method (3Ps)“.

The topics covered will range from partnerships with the third sector to the 3Ps method (policies, processes, projects), and from the regeneration of spaces with culture and ecological transition to sport.

ANCI also kicks off the Giro-E stage in Valdengo with its own cycling team, led by skier Giorgio Rocca and made up, like every day, of local administrators and ambassadors of the area. Among the ranks of the ANCI team is the mayor of Valdengo and Deputy Vice President of ANCI, the Hon. Roberto Pella, and the president of the Province of Biella and Deputy Vice President of ANCI Piedmont, Emanuele Ramella Pralungo.

For info and registration click here: link


One of the great innovations of the Giro-E Enel 2024 is that from this year it is possible to purchase tickets for participation in one or more stages of the event. 5 places are available per stage: you will cycle with the RCS Sports & Events team. The minimum age is 17 years and a medical certificate is required for non-competitive sports.

Here is the link: Ticketone Giro-E Enel 2024

Click here to discover the Giro-E rankings.


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