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Giro-E Enel 2024 – Stage 20 Roma – Roma


Rome, 26 May 2024 – We end on a high note. In the Grande Bellezza, or Great Beauty, of Rome. The Italian capital is hosting the Grand Arrival for the sixth time, bringing the total number of stage finishes here to 50. However, it will be the first time that the eternal city has been chosen for the final finish line in consecutive years, after the exciting sprint in 2023.

Despite the total of 1,166 kilometres covered and the 19,850 metres of height gain over 20 stages, the Giro-E cyclists will arrive less exhausted than the professionals of the Giro, both because the participants change every day, with the exception of the team captains, and because their bikes are e-bikes, with a battery and a motor that assists pedalling until the speed exceeds 25 kilometres per hour. This is the secret recipe that enables casual riders to accomplish extraordinary feats, such as this year’s climbs to the Oropa Sanctuary, Prati di Tivo, Livigno or Sappada, along slopes which, without the engines in the frame or in the rear hub, would require hundreds of kilometres of training.

The magic of this vehicle has represented the future for a century and a half and the Giro-E, now in its sixth edition, is a true ambassador in its electric version – not for -sports use, but for cycle tourism and urban mobility. One of the most meaningful aspects of this event, beyond the extraordinary experiences of the participants (a day as champions on the roads of the Giro d’Italia, riding without traffic and crossing the finish line of the Corsa Rosa), is shining the spotlight on the advantages and uses of the e-bike.

The presence of many ministers at the Giro-E (today’s Rome stage alone will be ridden by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, and the Minister for Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi), the many partnerships with Ministries, with ENIT – the National Tourism Agency, with ANCI – the National Association of Italian Municipalities, with MOST – the National Centre for Sustainable Mobility, highlight the importance by this event, which is not merely about cycling and sport, but also cultural because, in addition to the themes of sustainable mobility, it showcases renewable energy sources, ecology and our local areas.

So, as we pedal along at an easy pace and, thanks to the engines, without too much effort along the roads of the most beautiful country in the world, alongside champions who have written the history of cycling, such as Gianni Bugno and Claudio Chiappucci, Sonny Colbrelli, Andrea Tafi and many others, this is what will really stay with us from the Giro-E 2024 – the desire to become, all together, better road users and champions of mobility.

The Rome-Rome stage

A 32-kilometre parade, from Via del Circo Massimo to Via di San Gregorio, with a few gentle ups and downs giving a negligible height gain of 150 metres. In cold figures, this is the 20th stage of the Giro-E Enel. But in emotional terms, this ten-kilometre circuit, covered three times, will be a journey into the history and magnificence of Rome. Experienced from the saddle of a bike, with the roads closed to traffic, in the context of the Giro d’Italia, it will be even more wonderful and unforgettable.

Record turnout: 160 participants. The highest number of participants in this year’s edition. We saw the Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella, the Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Tourism Erika Guerri, the Advisor for youth and sports issues to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani (and former AC Milan and Napoli striker) Giuseppe Incocciati, the Vatican Cycling team (the cycling federation of Athletica Vaticana) participating for the second time after last year, also in Rome.

This marks the end of another wonderful edition of the Giro-E, full of rides, excitement, smiles and friendship. All the beauty of cycling, but accessible to all.

See you in 2025!

The character of the day – Umberto Carfora
Captain of the RCS Sport & Events team, Umberto Carfora works with Il Ciclista, the digital channel of La Gazzetta dello Sport dedicated to cyclists. A biomechanical engineer by trade, his brief mainly entails preparation. He also acts a technical consultant for the Vigorelli Velodromo Committee.
“This has been my first year at the Giro-E. The experience was beyond all my expectations. As a huge cycling fan, I am experiencing the roads that I have always seen on television, criss-crossed by legendary champions. It is such a mixture of sensations and emotions. Cycling is part of my DNA. I have competed in various amateur competitions. But at the Giro-E, I experienced something totally different: teamwork and sportsmanship. And I discovered more of the wonders of Italy, with incredible stages through beautiful landscapes. The beauty of the Giro-E is that it is accessible to everyone. Pedal-assisted bikes can now reduce differences in ability and allow everyone to pedal happily along together in a group. This is the most crucial thing about the pedal-assisted bike – it is something truly innovative and commendable. In the end, it does not replace the rider and their muscles, but rather expands the possibilities for users – you can put in the same effort, but with a much greater return. All our guests climbed the Gran Sasso, in Oropa, completing legendary climbs, and there were no particular differences between us; we pedalled in a group with former professionals and rode along together, without any problems. This is the beauty of it all. The e-bike is extremely inclusive, and this is unusual in the world of cycling – a sport that requires a lot of training. The best moment? But there are so many! And all linked to public participation. It was easy to see how people feel about the Giro and the real love they feel for the race. I could see the passionate support as we passed by – the warmth from the fans. Priceless”.

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