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Giro-E 2022 Stage 11


Turin-Turin sounds like a time trial, but it’s anything but: some serious climbing is back on the menu. A brief yet intense stage: 37.9 kilometres, but with a net elevation gain of some 1,000 metres. A toughie, then, that’s going to require real effort. Get ready to expect some fireworks!


The Turin – Turin stage

This is the third capital city for Giro-E 2022: after Catania (once capital of the Kingdom of Sicily) and Naples (capital of the Kingdom of Naples and later the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) comes Turin, formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia and then the initial capital of the Kingdom of Italy. A blue-blooded stage, then, with the course mirroring the final 40 kilometres of the pro Giro route following its first transit through the city. Today features two big climbs, both category 2: Superga and Colle della Maddalena, after which the road plummets for 12 kilometres before reaching the finish line in Corso Moncalieri. With an average gradient of 8.6% and a peak of 14%, the Superga climb poses a serious challenge. But hold on: on the scramble up to the Colle della Maddalena – a shorter ascent of just 3.5 kilometres – the average gradient is 8.1% but there’s a ramp touching 20%! So don’t blame the riders for thinking… ‘thank goodness for those motors!’


Show (not rider) of the day – EXPO-E

The latest addition to the Giro-E world, EXPO-E is a traveling fair showcasing sustainable mobility solutions. Accompanying the Giro-E, it offers visitors in-depth talks and gives them the chance to try out the products that make two-wheelers, with e-drive and other systems, a key part of tomorrow’s mobility. Following those held in Catania and Naples, the third EXPO-E instalment gets under way today at 12.30, at Parco del Valentino in Turin. We apologise for making the show the protagonist of the day, but we’re proud of it and, to be sincere, we wanted to drum up some publicity.

Those with stands at the fair include, Enel X, Trenitalia, the Region of Calabria, Helbiz, Iveco Bus, Bianchi, Lexus_Nx and Biciscuola. Numerous talks are planned: at 12.30 Iveco Bus will discuss the future of public transport with Marco Franza, Global Head of BUS Customer Service; at 1 pm Enel X will explore the topic of smart cities with Sergio Gambacorta, Head of the Smart City and Innovability Department; at 1.30 it will be the turn of Marco Della Monica, Piedmont Regional Director of Trenitalia and at 2.00 pm he’ll be followed by the President of the Turin Automobile Club, Piergiorgio Re; half an hour later Beppe Conti will illustrate the cycling and gastronomic highlights of Turin while at 3 pm Maurizio Perinetti will present the futuristic vision of Lexus; to close, at 3.30, Undersecretary Bruno Tabacci will illustrate the Government’s commitment to renewable energy. The next EXPO-E is scheduled for 29th May in Verona, after the final stage of Giro-E 2022.


Next update tomorrow, stage 12 of Giro-E, from Aosta to Cogne


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