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Create your team, join the Giro-E league and partecipate in the Fantagiro d’Italia


The most fun way to play the FantaGiro d’Italia, sharing your passion for cycling and the Corsa Rosa with friends, family, colleagues or even larger communities, is to do so by participating in a league.

From today you can take part in the FantaGiro d’Italia by registering your team in the Giro-E league.

Therefore, after creating your team on the website, you will need to type the “Participate in a league with this team” button and, through a search menu, you will request to participate in the Giro-E League.


Here you will find other “electric cyclists” with whom you can challenge yourself in the official fantasy game of the Giro d’Italia 2024 ( to participate in the draw for fantastic prizes, such as:

– digital edition subscriptions to the Gazzetta dello Sport

– Wolfie (the Giro mascot) by Trudi,

– gift card for GiroStore in collaboration with All4Cycling,

– the Special Jerseys produced by Castelli to celebrate the most iconic stages of the 2024 Giro (Grande Torino 1949, Santuario Oropa/Pantani, Naples, Stelvio, Monte Grappa, Rome)

– the Giro d’Italia 2024 jerseys (Pink, Ciclamino, Blue and White) signed by their winners and a  Colnago V4Rs racing bicycle.


You have 100 Wolfies (i.e. the official coin of the FantaGiro d’Italia) at your disposal to purchase 8 riders and appoint one of them as captain.

Sign up here for the Giro-E league together with friends, colleagues and family, thus sharing the passion for cycling and beyond.

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