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The 2022 Giro-E will be enriched with a content that enhances its character as a showcase for the e-world of sustainable mobility. It is called Expo-E and it is an absolute novelty.

The world’s first major pedal-assist event, in fact, an event that exalts the beauty of Italy and is held on the same days and roads as the Corsa Rosa, was missing something that went beyond the record numbers (18 stages, 15 teams, 1500 participants, 2000 kilometres covered) and the satisfaction of the participants. This is the idea of an Expo-E in the four metropolitan cities of the 2022 edition.

Organised by RCS Sport in collaboration with ANCMA, (National Association of Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessory Manufacturers), and EICMA, Expo-E will be a true travelling exhibition of sustainable mobility.

In Catania on 8-9 May, in Naples on 14 May, in Turin on 21 May, in Verona on 29 May. These will be the cities and dates where the public can learn more about micro-mobility (electric bikes and motorbikes and recharging systems), respect for the environment (collection and recycling systems, ecological low-impact solutions) and sustainability, through talks broadcast in streaming and promoted through the media. Expo-E will be organised on Saturdays and Sundays (from Sunday to Tuesday for the Catania event) and will include an exhibition area, a talk area, a test area and the Giro-E start area, the latter on the day the stage is scheduled.

The heart of the event will be the talk area, where politicians, manufacturers, and celebrities will take turns to share their experiences, illustrate projects and unveil new models. The aim is to make people aware of, educate and raise public awareness about the importance of sustainable mobility in the country’s economy. Each speech will be broadcast live via streaming.

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