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Giro-E Enel X Way 2023 Record-breaking Edition


Giro-E Enel X Way 2023 Record-breaking Edition

Roma, 29 May 2023 – The numbers of the Giro-E Enel X Way 2023 are mind-blowing as the climbs along the course: 20 stages, 1,150 kilometres, 16,400 metres of total elevation gain, about 2,000 participants for the daily “peloton” strong with hundred riders (the record at the Rome stage: 144 starters), 33 Teams of both Officials (17) and Specials (16).

But it is the quality, far more than quantity, that makes the fifth edition of the Giro-E the most sensational so far: so many new names both in the Teams and the sponsorship and a line-up of captains that had never been seen before. Champions the likes of Damiano Cunego, Igor Astarloa, Andrea Tafi, who were joined by former rainbow winners such as Gianni Bugno and Oscar Freire, and then some professionals who had just finished their racing career like Sonny Colbrelli, Sacha Modolo, Manuel Belletti, Giovanni Visconti, as well as Daniele Colli, Davide Cassani, Lello Ferrara, Moreno Moser, along with non-pros Elisa Scarlatta, Emiliano Cantagallo, Amedeo Tabini, Iader Fabbri, Violette Irakoze Neza, Giuseppe Bica…

In addition to them, many celebrities were (somewhat) blended with the teams’ guests and recounted the event on social networks and television or shared their insights and points of view with the many media that talked about the Giro-E: RAI presenter Massimiliano Ossini, Olympians Fabrizia D’Ottavio and Massimiliano Rosolino, director of photography Michele D’Attanasio, GCN Italy presenter Alan Marangoni, Gli Autogol vlogger Alessandro Iraci, Sky presenter Carlo Vanzini, FCI President Cordiano Dagnoni, football world champion Beppe Dossena, motorbike racer Niccolò Canepa, comedian Paolo Cevoli, siger and presenter Paolo Belli, ultra cyclists Paola Gianotti and Omar Di Felice, singer Leo Gassmann, Formula 1 drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and many other.

Among the numerous images that will remain from this edition the Rome stage, the final one, definitely stands out. It was perhaps the biggest cycling celebration ever organised in Italy. Along with the finish of both the Giro d’Italia 106 and the Giro-E, the Giro d’Italia-Family Ride – a bike ride for families and enthusiasts along a 6.8km route closed to traffic (over 3,500 cyclists of all ages) – also took place. And for young competitive cyclists the Cycling Cup – a promotional event arranged by the Italian Cycling Federation – was a team race (including at least one girl in each team) over a one-km distance.

In Rome, the government showed its support for the Giro d’Italia and the cycling movement, understood not only as competitive cycling but also as a keystone of sustainable mobility. Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè, Minister for Sport and Youth Andrea Abodi, President Emeritus of the Court of Auditors Raffaele Squitieri, Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Tourism Erika Guerri, and Councillor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for youth and sports (and former footballer) Giuseppe Incocciati rode the Giro-E final stage. For the first time, Athletica Vaticana, which has its own cycling federation (Vatican Cycling), participated in the Giro-E as a Special Team. After the 2022 World Road Championships, now the Giro-E is also on their list of honours.

Great success for the Green Fun Village Continental, which brought a boost of energy to the Giro-E Enel X Way starts cities. The new formula, which includes “fun” content and a special focus on mobility and sustainability topics, was convincing: each stage saw engaged crowds as never before.

Roberto Salvador, Giro-E director: “A surprising success this year in terms of participation, both for the registered teams and the attending public in the start cities and on the roads. Big effort was put by the organisation to ensure that all the participants enjoyed the event fully, however under the safest conditions. I would like to thank the staff for their incredible work. The Green Fun Village Continental was very well-received by the public, who were informed about sustainable mobility and environmental issues and entertained with the fun content we introduced in this edition”.


Maglia Blu by Enel X Way Classifica Generale – GREEN PROJECT AGENCY – SPORTERS
Maglia Arancio by Continental Classifica Prova Speciale – CAMBIOBIKE
Maglia Verde-Ride Green by Trenitalia Classifica Prova regolarità – CONTINENTAL
Maglia Bianca by Intimissimi Uomo Classifica Giovani – YAMAHA
Maglia Azzurra by ITALIA.IT Classifica Prova Cronometrata – FREE TO X
Maglia Rossa by Valsir Classifica Master – ITALIA.IT
Maglia Social by Fantacycling – CARGLASS

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