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Giro-E and Wecity: the "Sustainable Communities" challenge

Giro-E and Wecity: the "Sustainable Communities" challenge

Giro-E – with its green vocation – is collaborating with Wecity to involve inhabitants of the event-hosting cities, raise their awareness on reducing pollution and CO2 emissions, and promote the potential of electric mobility.
Wecity is an iOS or Android App that rewards and promotes sustainable, active and environmentally friendly mobility.
Wecity allows you  to create challenges and competitions for your community, rewarding the most virtuous behavior such as walking, cycling or using public transport, electric scooters and car-pooling.

Wecity is chosen by public administrations and companies that want to proactively involve their citizens, employees or customers.
Thanks to its patented algorithm, the App automatically recognises the means of transport used by the user, even when the journey takes place by several means (bike + train, car + foot, etc.).

Wecity is ISO14064-II certified, thus enabling official and rigorous accounting of the reduced CO2 emissions resulting from sustainable mobility. The avoided emissions are available at the end of the project in the form of emission credits, which can be purchased on the eCO2care platform managed by the University of Genoa.
Giro-E wanted to establish a strong partnership with Wecity to be even more effective in its goal of engaging local communities in active, healthy and sustainable mobility.
Thanks to the 'Giro-E Sustainable Communities' challenge organized on the Wecity App, citizens can sign up for the challenge and cycle whenever and wherever they want. Every kilometer cycled avoids around 7 kg of CO2 emissions. The goal is to avoid as much CO2 emissions as possible, both individually and in teams.
Each participant can freely choose one of the teams called with the stop-cities names.
For the entire period of the initiative – from the 28th of April to  6th of June 2023 – the kilometers cycled and registered by Wecity App will help to raise the CO2 saved counter!


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