What is Giro-E?

2020 Giro-E

Racing an E-bike along the route of the Corsa Rosa, from May 12 to May 31.

18 stages on the same route as the Giro d’Italia.

Giro-E is a cycle tourism event included in the calendar of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI), and organized by RCS Sport Spa during the Giro d’Italia, along the same route and on the same dates. The event is intended to allow all bicycle enthusiasts, amateur cyclists or former Pro riders, to experience the thrill of riding along the roads of the Giro d’Italia, on the same days as the Corsa Rosa.

It follows the same route as the professional event, the only difference being in the stage start place. The event comprises 18 stages, ranging from 70 to 115 kilometers daily. Each stage is raced in a compact peloton, with the exception of a few sections where all participants will engage in regularity and special trials with their teams, whereas team captains will be competing for sprints at each stage finish.

The event is raced using solely pedal-assisted E-road racing bicycles provided by each team.

Participants will home in on the same finish line as the Giro d’Italia, under the same finish arch, at least one hour before the scheduled finish of the Pro race.

The event has a dedicated hospitality area, which all participants can access to attend the Giro d’Italia stage finish.

2020 edition

  • The 2020 Giro-E will run from Tuesday, May 12 to Sunday, May 31.
  • The event is set to start in Sicily, concomitantly with stage 4 of the Giro d’Italia, and to finish in Milan, in Piazza Duomo.
  • Participation is reserved to regularly enrolled teams only. Male athletes under contract with UCI World Teams, UCI Professional Continental Teams and UCI Continental Teams are not allowed to take part in the event. However, female athletes under contract with UCI Women’s Teams may take part in the event, to a maximum of 3 participants per team.
  • The team captain must be registered to the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) or to a sports promotion authority (Ente di Promozione Sportiva, EPS), or should otherwise be a holder of a valid fitness certificate for competitive cycling. The other participants must at least hold a valid certificate of good health.

Terms of participation

  • Participation is reserved to teams having bought the Giro-E “Team Format”, managed exclusively by RCS Sport Spa.
  • RCS Sport Spa reserves the right to select some wild cards that may enter the event off the charts. Participants may not register individually, except through teams that provide this opportunity.

Composition of the teams

  • At the start of each stage, each team must comprise a maximum of 6 participants.
  • Each team shall appoint a captain (an experienced cyclist, preferably a former Pro. Desirably, team captains should remain the same throughout the event; if need be, they may be replaced by another rider with the same features and roles at the end of each week). The 5 other riders can change daily, at the team’s discretion.
  • Each team must use pedal-assisted bicycles (E-road and/or E-gravel bikes). MTBs are not allowed. All bicycles must comply with the currently applicable provisions of the traffic code in terms of speed and watt limits.


All classifications only have symbolic value, as the event is not actually a competition, and no valuable prizes will be awarded. At each stage, 7 (classification leader) jerseys will be awarded, and will be worn by the team captain and/or vice-captain at the following stage.

  • PURPLE Jersey | General Classification leader (the sum of all classifications)
  • ORANGE Jersey | Regularity Classification leader (calculated by adding together the score achieved in all regularity trials)
  • RED Jersey | SPRINT Classification leader
  • WHITE Jersey | Youngest Team Classification leader (calculated by adding together the age of all participants)
  • GREEN Jersey | Energy Efficiency Classification leader
  • NAVY BLUE Jersey | Masters Classification leader (calculated by adding together the age of all participants)
  • BLUE Jersey | Special Trial Classification leader