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Luca Delli Carri


The Cities of the Future

There are many issues regarding the mobility of the future (road transport, clean fuels, and so on), but urban mobility is certainly the most difficult one to resolve. All we do is talk about bicycles, electric scooters and cycleways. And…

My e-Life

There is still a long way to go under the wheels of pedal-assist racing bikes, if there are still, as there are, a few intransigent cyclists in boots who consider such bicycles to be the sons of lesser cycling. It's…

Giro-E meets Saimon Polini

Giro-E meets Saimon Polini, 46, marketing director of Polini Motori, a family business. He does so at the opening of EICMA 2021. Today, Saimon Polini is the main figure in an interview published in the mobility supplement of the newspaper Il…

Giro-E The (e-) bike Experience

Let us dispel a commonplace: the Giro-E is supposedly an event for pedal assist bicycles. In fact, the Giro-E is an event with pedal assist bicycles. And if it is true that it is an e-bike experience, it is legitimate to define it an…

Giro-E meets… Gino Cervi

Giro-E meets Gino Cervi, who was born on the same day as Gianni Bugno (in 1964) – a Romance philologue, Coppi’s fan, a supporter of the Milan soccer team but, mostly, an intellectual of cycling in the truest sense of…

Mobility as a Service

What are we talking about when we talk about sustainable mobility? It’s something Carver wouldn’t have liked at all, he who loved to get right down to things. Let’s talk of fragmentation, notably habit fragmentations and therefore the solutions that…