Stage 8 2020

Stage 8 | 11 October 2020 | 71 km

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Roccaraso (Aremogna)

Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme, is a town in Abruzzo that forms part of the mountain community of Majella and Morrone. The center is known for its artistic and naturalistic richness, for the presence of the Thermal Spa and for the medieval references throughout the town. Located in the Apennine environment, it develops in the slopes of the Majella massif at 613 m, extending between the valleys of the Orta and Orfento rivers, which characterize the entire territory.  A country with lot of shades, known in Italy and abroad for its many resources, which can be divided into natural-landscape, thermal and cultural. The town, located in the heart of the Majella National Park, boasts a wide variety of flora and fauna, whose jewel is without a doubt the natural canyon of the “Valle dell’Orfento”, one of the first protected areas declared in Abruzzo.

Food and wine

The town of Caramanico Terme preserves a great variety of traditional dishes and local products at Km0, which tell the story and the essence of Majella.

We can mention the first courses, of very ancient origin, such as the “Piangozze”, robust durum wheat maltagliati served with meat sauce and pecorino cheese and the “sagne e faciule”; the lamb meat made on the grill or the “pallotte cace e ove”. Another very important aspect of Caramanichese Gastronomy are the traditional sweets, linked to the culture of the peasant society, aimed at taking on deep and symbolic values during important occasions, such as religious and family celebrations (Mostaccioli, Pizzelle, Fiadoni, Pupa e Cavallo, Chiacchiere ecc..). Moreover, very important is the presence of Farms that continue for centuries the production of Local Products, such as Cheese such as Pecorino, charcuterie, and Honey.

Places of interest

The Thermal Spa, already known since 1576 for its curative waters, is still today an important reference center. It is since the early 1800’s that its effectiveness for therapeutic purposes has been scientifically confirmed. Nowadays the sulphurous waters have been catalogued as the second best in Europe and the Thermal Spa is considered one of the most important in Abruzzo and the south-central Italy, thanks to its accessibility and the beauty of the place.

Roccaraso (Aremogna)

Roccaraso is the best known and best equipped ski resort in the Apennines. It is located a short distance from Rome and Naples, on the High Plateaus, between the two large protected areas of the National Parks: the historical one of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and that of Majella.

A long success story: for over half a year it has in fact been one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in Italy in every season.

Roccaraso is a real paradise for snow lovers. With its new fast, modern and barrier-free lifts, it presents itself as a single large ski area that offers slopes of all kinds within an area of about 110 kilometers. Roccaraso can now boast the largest programmed snow system in Italy and the third largest in Europe.

Places of interest

  • Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Hermitage of the Madonna della Portella
  • Church of San Bernardino
  • Church of San Rocco
  • Angeloni Theater
  • Memorial to the Fallen Without Cross of Monte Zurrone